Prayer "Mother of God, Virgin, Rejoice"

The history of Christianity is great and it has a great many prayers and appeals to the Lord. In addition to “Our Father”, perhaps the most famous prayer is the prayer to the Virgin Mary. Every Christian knows her and her text is heard daily in different parts of the world, rising in services and worship services. The Queen of Heaven, the intercessor and patroness of all sincerely believers, is revered by the Song of the Virgin, called "Virgin, Rejoice."

When can pray the Virgin?

Also known as "Ave Maria" in the Latin version, read "Devo, rejoice" almost more often than many others. The evening services end with the prayer of the Mother of God, they are followed by the morning services, glorifying the birth of Jesus Christ. Like “Our Father,” “Maiden, Rejoice,” is sung three times in the morning services.

Outside the churches, the laudatory song is read in different situations:

  • blessing food before meals;
  • leaving home on the road;
  • before you go;
  • in case of failures, pursuing for a long time;
  • in any difficult situations, when sad emotions fill the soul.

There is not a single obstacle to addressing the Theotokos in completely different circumstances. Feeling the need and needing spiritual support, a person can boldly appeal for her blessing.

Coming to church, you can pray, standing in front of any image of the Virgin Mary. You can also find an icon in the temple, similar to the one that you have at home.

The laudatory song is not limited to one canon text. After reading the main words, you can turn to the Virgin from the bottom of your heart and express your request in simple words. Formal and clear adherence to the text rarely comes handy with sincerity and personality.

Because of its shortness, the prayer, “The Virgin, Debo, Rejoice,” is ideal for reading in all circumstances: on the road, before eating, before the start of any event or ritual. This prayer also replaces any other, like Our Father. This short appeal to God will be accepted anyway and, turning to Him wholeheartedly, a person will find comfort.

The text of the prayer "Virgin, Virgin, rejoice"

This prayer consists of evangelical eulogistic and complimentary phrases. "Gracious Mary, rejoice, the Lord is with you," said the archangel Gabriel, informing the Virgin about the imminent birth of Jesus. “Blessed are you in wives and blessed is your fruit,” answered the pregnant Mary Elizabeth who came to her. In addition, this prayer clearly indicates the sacredness of the Mother of God more than other women who have ever walked the earth.

Having a laudatory, joyful and bright meaning, “Devo, rejoice” is designed to help the prayer overcome any obstacles, calm down and rejoice in fellowship with the Lord. Through the glorification of the Mother of God, man expresses his readiness and thirst to be involved in grace. Comprehensible solely through the knowledge of God, she is the gift of the helpers and intercessors of Mary.

The last words “Yako Savior bore thy souls” underlines the urgency of Mary’s ministry - the birth of Jesus Christ. Who redeemed the sins of all mankind with his blood, thereby Christ saved human souls. About this today, few people remember. And, coming to the Lord with various household requests, many believe that they do not need a spiritual gift. But no prayer to the Virgin Mary for help will be heard, if the final goal of any person is not a spiritual revival in the end.

How many times to read?

Of course, there is no special order how many times it is necessary to read the prayer "Mother of God, virgin, rejoice." In the services, the Mother of God is read three times, and in everyday life it will not be superfluous to read it more than three times. A short prayer to the Virgin Mary once a day helps purify the soul.

There is a rule of the Virgin. According to him, having read "Debo, rejoice," 150 times, acquires a special Protection of Our Lady. The veil has a special divine power to soften evil hearts, to render help in desperate situations, and to reject the Wrath of God, redeeming human sins.

Reading "Our Lady, Devo, Hail" should be alternated with reading "Our Father" and "Mercy of the Door."

The power of prayer to the Virgin Mary

The power of the call to the Virgin in the worship of man. Belief in the unconditional holiness of the Virgin makes a person open to God's Blessing. Reading a prayer, a person recognizes his sins and denotes readiness to redeem them. Seeing this, the Lord forgives the soul and gives it gracious power.

"Virgin, Virgin, rejoice," revered for compulsory knowledge everywhere.

All prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary

There are many Psalms to the Blessed Virgin. Some are designed to help a person clear his mind and ask for absolution. Others call for help in matters and the salvation of the soul. Below you can see all the prayers.

Prayer to "my prince quoting." It is read as a call for help in difficult situations.

Prayer "Most Holy Mother of God, save us." This prayer of the Virgin is unique. Its action is enhanced by the church ring of the Virgin with the engraving "Most Holy Mother of God, save us." Perhaps this is the most beautiful prayer to the Virgin.

A complete set of words read to the Most Holy Theotokos can be downloaded here.

Everyone can choose a prayer for themselves. It is important to remember about good intentions and spiritual purification. The Holy Mother of God favors sincere and devout parishioners, to beg forgiveness with its help is not difficult.

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