Prayer before and after the case

Modern people are accustomed to get down to business, guided by schedules, plans, lists, comparisons and responsibilities. Following the usual way of life, they absolutely do not think about spiritual tuning and sometimes do not understand the reasons why a perfectly planned business breaks down at the last moment. Only true believers know that every new thing should be started with prayer, God's preliminary advice, asking for power from the Lord.

Special prayers, approved by the Orthodox Church, give a person hope that the desired will come true and the efforts made by him will not be in vain.

To pray before the beginning of every work?

Saints, helping in new beginnings, many. Their help consists in the connection between the one praying and the Lord, because who, if not to them, knows the paths bestowed by Him Himself to his throne. You can turn to any saint - the one closer to you in spirit, whose day of memory is soon or whose temple is near your house.

Most often, a prayer at the beginning of every work is offered:

  • To Jesus Christ;
  • The Blessed Virgin;
  • Matrona of Moscow;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • Guardian Angel.

Of course, this is not all saints who help in such cases. Pray to those who are told to pray your heart.

Universal prayers for help

Universal prayers from prayers before starting any work are different in that they can be said after the work has already begun and you realized that you forgot to pray. Such prayers give strength, courage and faith in a successful outcome.

Examples of such prayers are presented below.

The first:

“Lord Almighty, hear the prayer of his servant God, do not be angry. Zachin my bless on the way started, do not leave, do not forget, give grace. On a successful outcome direct, in that you my gratitude will be eternal. Amen".


“I pray to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in my daily work. Bless my attempt, let success succeed in your initiative for the glory you have begun. As my prayer is sincere, so may your will be kind. Amen".


“Mother of God, Holy Mother, Jesus Christ the Blessed One, I call to you from the earth, which are transfered into heaven, the holy ones. I ask you about your anointing, about overshadowing the noble: in the matter of my success, at the beginning of my faith, at the end of the deed - good. Not to the glory of evil, but to the glory of good, for the good of mine, my family and people close to me. In asking for your help, I humbly ask, God's servant (your name). Amen".

Prayer at the beginning of every work

Prayer, read before the beginning of the case, requires some preparation, especially if the matter is important. Opening a new business, flying to an unfamiliar country, business negotiations, entering into relationships, the beginning of studies - all this must be blessed by the Lord above. If you are going to start something like this, you should visit the church in advance, take the sacrament, confess or take part in the service.

Then put a candle in front of the icon of Christ and say a prayer:

“The King of Heaven, Isee everywhere, the Comforter, the Pravda Guardian, the Life-Giver, the Good Treasurer, all performing, come in prayer to your slave (name) and dwell on, save the evil from the evil, our souls, Lord, save.

Blessing forgive me, do not refuse to help, help the sinner to accomplish his plan for the glory of Thy Heavenly, the Highest and Most Exalted.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son, and O Lord Father, Mother Most Holy Mother of God, Only Begotten, Primordial, you recited with your mouth for nothing that you need to create without your Will. Lord All-merciful, I believe with all my heart and soul in your kingdom, humbly fall your goodness. help me, a sinner, an urgent business, beginning soon in your Glory, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and all your saints, Hosts, Angels, Archangels, Martyrs I cry to you. Amen".

Prayer is read out loud, clearly, without hesitation. The text should be learned in advance, it is recommended to even rewrite it several times on paper so as not to forget and not get lost. At the end of the prayer, you should certainly cross yourself three times and then bow down. It is not widely believed that bowing during baptism is a gross mistake.

At the end of the cases

When the matter is finished, depending on its outcome, different prayers are read:

  • thank-you, in case of a successful outcome;
  • about forgiveness - in case of failure.

The grateful prayer is nothing more than the humble offering of praise to the Lord for the attention shown to you and help in the work.

For her, you should also visit the temple and, going up to the icon of Jesus with a lit candle, say the following words:

«Heavenly King, sii everywhere, Comforter, Truthful Guardian, Life Giver, Good Treasurer, all performing, come in prayer to your slave (name) and move in, save the evil from the evil, our souls, Lord, save.

Praise you, praise the Almighty, for helping your unfailing, for your glorious deeds, because the work for Your Glory has begun, has been completed successfully. In that I thank you, O Holy One, in that I thank the Father, Son, Mother of God, all Saints and saints, Angels, Archangels, Great Martyrs. And for your glory, take my sacrifice and cap your power on the mortal earth. And the Kingdom of Heaven will come and the servants of God will bow their heads, for they are blessed by your deeds. Amen".

Coming out of the temple, by all means give a small amount to the beggars on the porch as a donation. If you find a coin or bill on the way home - pick it up, this is a sign that your prayers have been heard and thanked. Carry money with you as a talisman.

If the work you started after the prayer was not crowned with success, which is rare, for the prayer is very strong, read the prayer for forgiveness.

She reads three times, for this you should kneel down and hold a candle in your hands, saying:

“O Lord, the Lord, I pray for your forgiveness on your knees before you. I did not hear Your Token, sinner, did not listen to my faith and did not understand your denial. I blame mournfully for that, for my business has failed. I beg of your mercy, do not be angry at the slave of your sinner, perishable thoughts and perishable dreams. Do not turn away from your servant, who cries out to you with all your heart, do not leave on your way to be thorny in my future affairs. Amen".

The main thing is not to lose faith in any way, because everything that is being accomplished is all by the will of God. If in some ways you have failed, then soon you will realize that it is for your good.

Nicholas the Wonderworker prayer before starting work

Nicholas the Wonderworker is best to pray before the start of the working day, especially if the work is connected with money, business, trade. This saint is supportive in such matters where luck and fortitude are needed. You can also pray to St. Nicholas and before starting repairs, so that there are no problems with finances, contractors, or the quality of materials.

A prayer before the beginning of work to Nikolay the Wonderworker

O Saint Nicholas, the Prelate of the Earth and the Heavenly Conscript. The servant of God (name) calls to you, please, bring my humble request to Our Lord: for grace and good luck, I ask this day (date). In this I pray and bow low, to all the will of the Lord, and may His blessing be with me. Amen".

The prayer before repairing is given below. It should be read by the whole family living in the house or the room in which the repair will take place. So her power will increase. At the same time, it is necessary to light a candle in each corner, and after the end of the prayer, extinguish each one by sprinkling it with a branch of laurel dipped in sacred water.

Then the repair will be easy and without hesitation. Say the following text:

“In the name of the Father and the Son, St. Nicholas the Wonderworking, the Savior, the Protector, we, the slaves of the mob, can call upon you (names). Send down success and harmony in the deeds of our men, bless the house that was sanctified now and cast out the unclean power of all kinds from its bins. To repair the cleansing, in the glory of well-being, bless us, deceitful. Amen!".

Of course, it would not be superfluous, after such a prayer, to invite a priest to the house in order to sanctify him. If everything in the house will break and fall out of the hands of everything that is possible, it is vitally necessary to make it.

Matrone Moskovskaya

The prayer to St. Matrona is read on the icon with its image. It is advisable to have a lit candle nearby for better concentration. Read the text:

“Oh, Matronushka, Patroness, Healer and Savior, I appeal to you with love in my soul and faith in my heart. I ask for your help, that my cause may come together, that the matter may grow together, that my heart may be quieted. I think about (describe briefly what is the essence of your undertaking). Everything I create, I create for the glory of the Lord, and I ask nothing else but God's grace. Help, saint Matronushka. Amen".

To the Lord and the Virgin

This version of the prayer to the Lord and the Virgin Mary is suitable for couples trying to conceive a child. New life is a great Gift, and it should be asked accordingly.

Basic rules of petition:

  1. Praying should be before the act of love itself. It is desirable that both spouses take part in the prayer.
  2. Pray in clean clothes - nightie, pajamas or naked.
  3. It is necessary to endure fasting before turning to the Lord, and also not to commit evil actions during the day, to submit to those who ask.
  4. On the selected day, visit the church and stock up on the sacred water, it should wash after prayer.

The appeal is read on the knees near the marital bed:

“In His incarnation the Most Holy are our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin of the Virgin. Hear on the night the coming prayer of your slaves for the highest gift of God: give a new life to us sinners. For the glory of our Creator, we ask: endow the thirsty fruit with the fruit of your bosom, let me raise a son or daughter by faith and good order. In that we bow down and believe, bless your blessed be given to us. Amen".

A prayer for a new undertaking, uttered with sincere faith, can help in any endeavor: guide you on the right path, bring clarity to your thoughts and encourage luck.

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