What to do if the child jinxed?

Energy protection of aura person in childhood is much weaker than in adulthood. The younger the child, the more susceptible it is to damage, to the evil eye and other types of negative impact. Magical energy acts on the children's aura with all its destructive power. But how to determine the evil eye of a child? How to get rid of the black slander? Let's talk about this in the article.

Determining the presence of the evil eye

Unlike damage and curses, the evil eye is not always deliberate. After all, just one fleeting thought, a spark of envy and a bad look is enough to jinx the kid. The action of the evil eye - almost instantly. Its main signs appear as early as 7 hours after pointing. Attentive parents will immediately notice these negative manifestations in their little ones and will not disregard them.

Signs of the evil eye of a child are:

  • The baby is naughty, crying all day. It may seem to his parents that he is in pain, but this is not always the case. The evil eye acts on a thin non-physical level, and the sensitive aura of the child reacts to changes in a similar way;
  • Sleep is disturbed, the child often wakes up because of nightmares. There are periods when he cannot fall asleep at all;
  • The baby has phobias and obsessive states that were not there before. For example, he began to fear the darkness, and it began to seem to him that a monster lives under his bed;
  • An offspring becomes hyperactive, or vice versa - apathetic and lethargic;
  • Babies are suffering from headaches, sometimes they are bleeding from the nose;
  • The child begins to be afraid of literally everything, to avoid people and withdraw into himself;
  • Negative energy causes damage and at the physical level, so when the evil eye is one of the first to suffer immunity;
  • The appetite disappears, the baby refuses even his favorite delicacies;
  • Body temperature rises without any physiological reason. In some cases, the temperature can be difficult to lower, and doctors can not explain its cause;
  • The victim of the evil eye is tormented by great thirst. The child drinks plenty of water throughout the day;
  • The child has a series of failures. This may be permanent minor injuries, and conflicts with caregivers or teachers, and the negative attitude of his former friends and friends;
  • The kid does not touch his toys. If at the same time he became attached to one of them, parents should be wary. Perhaps the sorcery slander on the child is imposed through this thing.

If you find at least 2 of the above signs in your child, it is possible that the child has become a victim of the evil eye.

If nothing is done, the offspring may suffer greatly, as the evil eye eats away at the protection of its aura. This means that, over time, parasites from the subtle world, the larvae, will begin to stick to the baby’s biofield, and the longer the aura is under the influence of sorcery libel, the more these entities will be in it. Therefore, proceed to the removal of the evil eye as soon as you find its main symptoms.

Removal of the evil eye from a child

Since the evil eye is not a powerful targeted damage or curse, remove it from the child is easy. Any of the healing rites can be performed at home without special magical training. However, for a successful ritual of cleansing the evil eye, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • It is best to conduct a cleansing rite at home. However, if there is a source of dead or negative energy near the dwelling (cemetery, morgue, hospital, hospice, etc.), it is necessary to choose a more favorable place for the sacrament;
  • Before you read the plot, clean and ventilate the apartment;
  • It is recommended to read the conspiracies to rid the child of the evil eye on the waning moon;
  • Believe in your own strength and words. If you doubt for a moment, you cannot help your baby;
  • To read the plot from the evil eye should be a native person. Best of all, if it is his mother;
  • Read spells with a confident, even, but low voice. You call light forces for help, but they don’t like excessive noise and an orderly tone. It is also advisable to learn the text of the plot by heart.

Remove the evil eye from the child at home possible using the following cleansing rites with appropriate plots:

  • Washing with holy water;
  • Ritual with chicken egg (rolling out);
  • Cleansing ritual with matches;
  • Waxing;
  • Ritual with church candles.

All these sacraments are distinguished by a different power of influence on the child's aura and the evil eye that is negatively affecting it. During each of them read a unique plot. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Washing with holy water

Holy water has a healing function, regardless of which religion you belong to. For the ritual of washing you will need:

  • 1 church candle;
  • 2 glasses with holy water;
  • Empty tank for flowing water (basin or bucket).

To perform the ritual, one glass of water should be heated, the second should be brought to room temperature. Light a candle at midnight and pray to the Lord with all your heart. You can pray in your own words, memorizing dogmatic text is not necessary. Then tilt the head of the baby over a basin or bucket, pour it first with warm holy water, saying:

Water pours on poppy
Washed off poppy trouble.
I spill hot water -
The evil eye of my little children rented.
The evil eye is black, the evil eye is viscous -
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!

Then pour the head of the child with cold holy water, while reading the plot:

Water pours on poppy
Washed off poppy trouble.
Cold water I spill -
I protect my child from the evil eye.
The evil eye is terrible, the evil eye is frosty,
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!

After reading the plot, gently wipe the baby’s head with a white towel and put it to bed. Spray the grass or trees outside the house with waste water. When you pour it on the ground, say:

What I have said will come true!
God willing,

Turn around and go back home without turning around. The very next morning you will notice significant improvements in the child's behavior and well-being. He will be more fun, stop constantly crying and scared of everything in the world.

Removal of the evil eye using eggs

Egg rolling - The oldest and very effective way to get rid of damage and the evil eye. In ancient times, only experienced magicians and traditional healers rolled out babies. Nowadays, this way of ridding a child of the evil eye is available to everyone.

For the ceremony will need:

  • A few fresh chicken eggs, preferably homemade (at least three);
  • Icons of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Saint of Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • 1 church candle made from natural wax;
  • Capacity with holy water.

Place the images of the saints in a triangle, in the center of which you seat the child. Light a candle and place it on a small dais. Take the egg necessary for the ceremony in your right hand.

The baby should be rolled out with an egg from the nape to the right hand, with amplitude circular motions in a clockwise direction.

Then, in the same way, the left side of the child's body rolls out. The last is rolling out the abdomen, chest and back. During the entire session, the plot is read:

Egg Kata -
I expel dark forces.
Let the evil evil eye
Leave us.
Kata, Kata,
I cast out the evil eye,
I heal a child
Unclean spirit iztorgayu!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

Egg during rolling can be heavyweight. In this case, set it aside and replace it with another. Repeat the words of the plot until you completely roll out the child. After that, break the eggs and gently pour their contents into a container of holy water so that the yolks are not damaged.

By yolks You will be able to determine how strong the evil eye is on the baby and whether there is a need for re-rolling out:

  • The yolk is completely clean - the evil eye is removed; no re-ceremony is required;
  • Visible white stripes emanate from the egg - the sorcery libel is not completely eliminated, it is necessary to repeat rolling out;
  • The yolk is noticeably darkened or covered with black spots, and the water is muddied and smells unpleasant - the child does not have the evil eye, but severe damage. In this case, it is recommended to seek help from a strong and experienced magician.

After the ceremony, the waste eggs and water should be drained under the tree closest to the house. Under it should also bury candle stubs. Icons are installed for some time (from 3 to 18 days) in the nursery.

Matchstick Rite of Cleansing

Most of the matches in the modern world are made of a truly magical tree - aspen. From time immemorial, it was considered a weapon against evil spirits, using which you can get rid of any negative entity. Of course, and with such a simple witching slander, like the evil eye, aspen matches will cope without much difficulty. In addition, in the manufacture of matches used sulfur - a substance since ancient times used for the expulsion of evil spirits and dispersed evil.

To remove the evil eye from the child will need:

  • 9 matches;
  • 9 matchboxes;
  • Glass with holy water. If available, you can use regular drinking water.

The ritual is held at noon. Immediately before the beginning of the sacrament the Orthodox prayer “Our Father” is read. In words "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" should light the first match. Then follows the others in turn, repeating the same words from the prayer. Note that each match must be lit from different boxes. The presence or absence of the evil eye on the kid can be judged by how many matches drowned:

  • 1 or 2 - the evil eye is weak, one rite is enough to remove it;
  • From 3 to 5 - strong sorcery libel, but removed with the help of further rite;
  • All matches remained afloat - there is no damage to the child and there was no, the ritual can not be continued.

If the presence of witch slander is confirmed, you should proceed to the removal of its negative impact from the child.

To do this, take the tank with water and matches and go to the nearest intersection. When you get to the right place, have a drink from four sides of the glass and say:

I trust in God -
I implore God
Go away, evil word,
Dark eye
Gray haze!
How this water is absorbed into the earth -
So you will leave the servant of God [the name of the child]!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

After that, pour the remaining water along with the matches in the middle of the intersection. Hurriedly leave the plot, not looking back and not looking back. The very next day your baby will feel better.

Remove the evil eye with wax

It is possible to neutralize the evil eye, which is induced on the child, by pouring out wax. This will require the following attributes:

  • Metal capacity;
  • Cloth tack (just in case the metal gets very hot);
  • Holy water;
  • White towel;
  • Photo of the baby, who was jinxed;
  • 3 church candles;
  • Icons of saints you trust the most. Best of all, if it will be the faces of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and the Healer Panteleimon.

Arrange the icons on small elevations, light one candle in front of each of them. Type water in a metal container, set it on a white towel. Gradually pour melted candle wax into the cooked vessel. Read the plot:

Lord god
I will always help
And my little one -
The boy of God [baby name].
How does this wax burn,
So the fate of my little children
From filth cleared.
So that neither the evil eye,
Damn it
No black spell
He was not hurt!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

The rite should be repeated 3 times. With each session of wax cast in the water will become more solid and smooth. This indicates that the evil eye is retreating.

Purifying Candle Ritual

Another effective ritual for removing the evil eye from a child is a ritual with candles, or cleaning with five elements. For the ceremony will need:

  • 5 candles - the main magic element that removes damage;
  • Essential oil to your taste - a symbol of air;
  • Broth wormwood - a symbol of water;
  • Aspen chips - a tree symbol;
  • Fine salt is a symbol of fire;
  • Cosmetic clay without aromatic additives - a symbol of the earth.

Candles are lit and installed on the sides of the bath. Each ingredient flashes three times over the flame of each candle. Then the clay should be mixed with salt and aspen chips and rub the whole body of the child with the resulting mixture for 5 minutes. At the same time, a warm bath is prepared with a decoction of wormwood and essential oil. After 5 minutes, the baby is put in the tub. Wash the body of the child by reading the plot:

By the air force
The heat of the flame
Water speed
Life-giving earth
Yes by the power of the tree -
I charge dark forces:
Leave the body white!
Through the salt - the pain.
Through an aspen - a twist.
Through a little - all that is dangerous.
Through the grass - the bitterness of the poison.
Through clay - slimy tina.
Fire, cast out the evil eye!
Let it be so!

After taking a bath, wrap your baby in a white towel and put him to bed. In the morning you will notice that the condition of the child has improved.

Protection of the child from the evil eye

As mentioned above, children's aura is very vulnerable, and you can even jinx the baby without wanting it. Therefore, the prevention of the evil eye is very important, especially in the first years of life. To provide protection against the evil eye, the newborn must:

  • During the first month after birth, do not allow strangers to look at the infant. Also ask your family so that they do not keep their eyes on the baby;
  • Do not allow anyone to praise the newborn;
  • Make the baby a charm of red thread and knit it on the right hand of the crumbs;
  • Make and put in the cradle of the newborn the so-called "diaper" - a faceless motanka pupa. This is the Slavic amulet against the evil eye;
  • Walking with the child, cover the stroller with a light cloth so that no one can see the baby's face;
  • Under the pillow baby put rowan leaves. They drive away negative energy;
  • You can use preventive conspiracies and prayers. The simplest conspiracy against the evil eye is the magic formula. "The evil eye from the candlestick is mindless, in the language of the evil is a pip, so be it!"

An older child should be prohibited from accepting gifts from unfamiliar people. Such a gift can be a lining that carries negative information more terrible than a banal evil eye - for example, damage or curse.

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