Prayer "May God be resurrected ..." or the Honest Cross

One of the most popular and included in the list of obligatory for Orthodox believers is the prayer to the "Life-giving Cross." It is included in the morning prayer rule and is usually read on a wooden or silver cross. In this article we will understand the options for prayer, determine in what cases it helps and consider the facts from the history of the Honest Cross.

Interpretation of the prayer to the "Life-giving Cross"

The life-giving cross is the wooden pillar on which Jesus Christ was crucified. For many centuries, prayers have been offered to him, and copies are carried with him as a talisman. The prayer addressed to the life-giving cross is a symbol of man’s faith in the Divine essence and power of the Most High in all His manifestations.

Through prayer, the worshiper recognizes that the most powerful talisman from evil spirits and evil deeds is a sign granted from above. This is a request for spiritual help and blessing from the Lord. It is considered life-giving, because it is a symbol of eternal life in heaven, which was granted to the human race through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

That is why many Orthodox people wear crosses on a chain, consecrated with holy water, as a reminder of the gift received, the sacrifice of God's son, and as a defense. Also, crosses are nailed to the walls of the house and kept in glass cabinets so that their strength protects the home and family.

What does prayer help?

Prayer to the True Cross is not just a symbol or a tribute to faith, also she helps people in different situations:

  • protects against diseases;
  • heals;
  • saves from evil and unkind people;
  • soothes in difficult moments;
  • removes damage and the evil eye;
  • protects from dangers.

His miraculous power more than once saved and defended believers, granting deliverance from sorrow and unhappiness, and in return bringing peace and happiness.

Text "May God be resurrected and thrown at his enemy ..."

There are two options for prayer to the Life-giving Cross. The text of the prayer, "May God be resurrected, and His enemies be squandered ..." in full:

“May God be resurrected, and His enemies be scattered, and may those who hate Him flee from His face. As the smoke disappears, let it disappear; As the wax melts away from the face of the fire, so will the demons from the face of those who love God and sign the sign of the cross, and in the joy of the verbs: Rejoice, Most Honorable and Life-Giving Lord’s Cross, cast out demons by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon you, come to hell to the devil, and who gave us His Cross to Honest you to drive away every foe. O Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Virgin Lady, and with all the saints for ever. Amen".

The short text of the prayer to the life-giving cross in Russian is as follows: "Protect me, O Lord, with the power of the Honorable and Life-Giving of Your Cross, and save me from all evil."

The difference is that a short prayer is recommended to be read at night before going to bed. At the same time, it is necessary to kiss a cross, preferably the one that you always carry with you. Then you should cross and make the bed sign. Quiet sleep without nightmares and unrest is provided, and unnecessary thoughts and anxieties will not be overcome, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Historical facts

From the history of the most famous is the case of Queen Helen, the mother of King Constantine, eager to find the same cross, on which Christ was crucified. The queen helped her son in her search and, at the prompting of Judas, found three crosses in a deep cave. On which the Son of the Lord was crucified - no one knew, because it was decided to check everyone. Alternately, they were brought to the sick woman. As soon as the life-giving cross touched her, she was healed of illness. Then, to confirm it, they lowered him to the deceased and he instantly resurrected. Thus was confirmed the incredible power of the cross, which remained on the tree after the death of Jesus.

Since then, the reading of the prayer, "May God rise again ..." sincerely, with hope and from the heart, gives the prayer heavenly protection and salvation from misfortunes and misfortunes. This legend is considered to be the first, therefore the most true and traditional.

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