How to read conspiracies on the new moon on the love of a man?

The love and attention of a dear man is the ultimate dream of a woman in love. But the beloved is not always in a hurry to reciprocate. And, no matter how beautiful and sublime amorous excitement, the lack of reciprocal feeling always causes pain. Fortunately, with the help of magic, you can attract the attention of an adored man and even adjust it to love yourself.

But is it possible to bewitch a man with the help of white magic? What conspiracies are best to use? What should not do? What could be the consequences of reading the love plots on the new moon?
Answers to each of these questions - in the current article.

Conspiracies and rituals on the new moon on love

In the esoteric, the phase of the new moon is considered the optimal time for new beginnings. This is the time of Hecate, the Greek goddess of night and moonlight. Hecate blesses renewal in nature and life. Therefore, if conspiracies are being held on the waning moon to get rid of the old, then during the period of the new moon rituals should be performed to get something new - including man’s love.

Love spells for the new moon are of two types:

  • Dark- based on the principles of black sorcery. The sorcerer calls dark forces to accomplish a love spell. These spells are very dangerous for both the sorcerer and the bewitched. The fact is that the dark spell is calculated on the absolute binding and painful rupture of the relationship of the victim with his previous couple. At the same time, the negative energy released in the process of reading the black slander, will return to the caster on the "boomerang effect". Therefore, it is not recommended to apply such a love spell to a beloved man;
  • Bright- conspiracies based on white magic. The exorcist appeals to the Higher Forces, guided by the best motives. The effect of these conspiracies on the new moon is weaker than that of the dark ones - they do not give an absolute binding. However, both the sorcerer and the bewitch are given a free choice. Thanks to the plot, the man is attracted to the witch, begins to show interest in her. Whether this will result in great love depends on further actions and the desire of the fortune-giver and her lover. It should be noted that the white conspiracy can not harm anyone.

Bright conspiracy to love in the new moon are divided into the categories below:

  • Pagan.They are translations of ancient texts compiled by ancient sorcerers during the heyday of paganism in Russia. Reading these plots requires total harmony with nature. To do this, a week before the love spell on the man’s love, the woman casting spells should be more often in nature, especially near rivers and lakes;
  • Prayer. Conspiracies on the love of men, preserving the prayer melody of Orthodox texts. It is important that the witch be a believing and baptized Christian, otherwise they will not work. For the best effect during the week before reading the prayer plot, it is recommended to stick to fasting and attend church every day;
  • Combined - mixed plots on the love of a man for a new moon, created by modern white sorcerers.

In the new moon, you can bewitch both unmarried and married men, as well as return your beloved husband. Let's take a closer look at how conspiracies are possible.

A plot to love an unmarried man

To charm a free man in the new moon will help itself Hecate. For a pagan ritual you will need:

  • portrait photos of the sorcerer and her lover. Images should be sharp and clear; there should be no unauthorized persons in the frame;
  • edge of red fabric. Desirable - silk or velvet;
  • black cloth (in honor of Hecate);
  • red candle.

Unlike the dark ritual, the white sacrament dedicated to this goddess does not require bloody offerings in the form of chicken blood. Instead, blood is used thick red wine of excellent quality.

The ritual itself is performed as follows:

  • In the phase of the new moon at midnight, the sorceress must go to a deserted intersection;
  • At the crossroads, black cloth is spread and watered abundantly with sacrificial wine;
  • During the sprinkling of the cloth with wine, the following plot is read:

"Hecate Moon Face, Great Mother!
Wine spill -
I call upon you! "

Next, you need to wait a bit. If the Goddess listens, she will give a visible sign. This may be a sudden cloud, a swarm of fireflies, a gust of wind. If the sign was given, it means that the Hecate heard the witch and is ready to help. You should thank the Goddess and, without looking back, head home.

On her return, the woman who is casting should spread a red cloth, put a photo of her beloved man on it, and place her own on top. A candle is lit. A fortune taker takes a candle with his right hand and leads it over the photographs so that wax drips on them. Cooling wax should bond the pictures together. Thus it is necessary to pronounce the following plot:

"I have a beloved heart,
I open the door in it -
I burn in it heat
And I bring love as a gift!
From now on [Name of man] will not betray me
He won't give it to anyone
Never deceive -
My will!
Mother Hecate, help!
Let it be so!"

This conspiracy to love in the new moon must be read 9 times. After reading, you should wait until the candle burns out. Cinderella and photographs are wrapped in a stitched red cloth. The resulting bundle hides under the threshold of the door. During the next week you should invite your beloved man to visit. As soon as he crosses the threshold, his attitude towards the precious will change for the better. Whether this interest turns into love depends on the woman herself.

A plot to love a married man

If the purpose of the sorceress is a married man, she should consider some subtleties:

  • White magic does not allow to make a love spell, if a man is happy in marriage. The opportunity to attract a married man to a fortune is only if there is no love in his marriage, the marriage was carried out by calculation, or the spouse is dying.
  • You must understand your desires. In the process of reading the plot on the love of a married man, an irreversible mechanism is launched - the destruction of his marriage. Is it really necessary?

If the witch finds a conspiracy to love, she will need:

  • 3 church candles;
  • mirror;
  • picture of a loved one.

On the night of the new moon in the dark room candles are lit, set in front of a mirror. The room is locked from the inside. A photograph of a man who speaks of love is held in both hands. A sorcerer reads a magical conspiracy:

"Like a candle, I, [Name], lit it myself -
So the love in your heart, [Name] I light!
Leave your old wife - you have no life with her!
I will accept you, regret, grease,
I will feed, I will water, I will lay down to sleep!

This plot on the love of men refers to the combined. Reading it, it is necessary to imagine how the one who speaks breaks up with his wife. But the separation should be peaceful, coordinated, both should be happy.

How to return to the family of her beloved husband?

If the wife wants to return her husband to the family, on the new moon it is best to use prayer plots. The strongest of these is the following:

"Holy Mother of God, Blessed Virgin Mary! Pray for us, your sinful servants [Names of husband and wife], but cover us with your incorruptible raincoat. As Saint Joseph accompanied you, let my husband accompany me through life. Now and now and forevermore, Amen! "

Read the plot for the return and love of her husband before bedtime. After reading and the next morning, the wife should wash the holy water and three times overshadow herself and her bed with the sign of the cross.


White conspiracies in the new moon on the love of a particular man are perfectly safe for both the witch and the bewitched. If the plot is read correctly, after a week between the witch and her lover, warm relations will be established, which with a high degree of probability will grow into a deep sincere feeling. However, if there were no changes in the relationships of these people after 7 days, the spell most likely did not work. The reasons for this may be the following:

  • An unbaptized woman tried to use a prayer plot for the love of a man;
  • The location for the sacrament is incorrect;
  • The sorcerer has not prepared enough for the ritual;
  • The woman is entrusted with a crown of celibacy, which must be removed with a separate ritual.

Repeated attempt to read the plot on the love of a man can be undertaken a month after the unsuccessful experience.

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