Spell to fulfill the desire to water

There is no such dreamer who would not want to make his desires and dreams come true. Someone dreams of the ordinary, someone's wishes seem unrealizable. But the person is designed so that the fulfillment of desires make him happier.

In modern esoteric practice, there are many ways to implement their plans. Specific rites and ordinances have been developed for this. But is it possible to fulfill a wish through a spell? Is a momentary dream come true? What is the strongest spell for this purpose? How to prepare for the ritual and conduct it? How often should the sacrament be repeated to fulfill desires?
Answers to each of these questions can be found in our article.

What spell do I need to say to make a wish come true right now?

Reading the spell on the fulfillment of desire, you appeal to the astral entities and forces of nature. In order for even the most powerful conspiracy to start, it takes time, since the energy flows released into the environment when reading the spell, run for a certain period. Therefore, there are no spells for instant fulfillment of desires. However, if you tune in a positive way and use conspiracies of white magic without malicious intent towards others, your dreams will come true very quickly.

White magic involves the following categories of powerful spells to fulfill the desire:

  • Pagan - ancient texts aimed at interacting with natural sources of positive energy. They are modern adapted translations of pagan spells;
  • Prayer - texts of religious stylistics. Based on the prayers of the Abrahamic religions. The latter include Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Prayer spells for the fulfillment of desire differ not only in religious overtones, but also in melody, corresponding to the prayers of a particular denomination. The important point is that only a believer dedicated to a particular faith can recite prayer spells. For example, Christian spells are subject only to the baptized;
  • Combined - conspiracies created by modern adepts of white magic. These spells most often combine the principles of prayer and pagan melodies, and serve as an appeal to both God and the forces of Nature and the corresponding sub-deities.

The most powerful conspiracies and spells to fulfill any desires are read on:

  • Personal items;
  • Candle;
  • White cloth.

But the most powerful energy conductor for fulfilling a dream is water. Let us consider in more detail the essence of the water rite of desire.

How to read a conspiracy to fulfill the desire to water?

While reading a strong conspiracy to fulfill the desire for water, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not wish evil to anyone. In no case do not try to translate your dreams into reality, taking away what you want from another. In this way, you only get the appearance of the fulfillment of a desire - an illusion that will fade very soon. In addition, the evil energy is able to grow and return to the witch who released it on the principle of "boomerang". A dream, embodied through dark forces, will turn into a great grief for you;
  • Trust your own abilities. Each person has an energy field that is much more powerful than he can imagine. Therefore, when reading a spell to make a wish, believe in the power of your words. Depends on this if the spell works;
  • Read expressively, clearly and without hesitation. It is important for the conspiracy to be read correctly and convincingly. Therefore, first read the spell several times to make a wish, or better, learn it by heart;
  • During the reading in the room should not be strangers. With that, not only people, but also animals. The aura of a living being can break your energetic connection with subtle matters;
  • Use visualization technique. When reading a spell to make a dream come true, clearly and vividly imagine how you are getting what you want. Feel everything - from the spectrum of positive emotions to tactile sensations from the execution of the desired. Perhaps this will not work out immediately, so first practice, imagining one or another subject in detail.

If any of the above spell casting rules are not followed, you will have to re-read the plot.

Preparation for the ritual

Preparation for the ritual for the fulfillment of desire includes physical and spiritual aspects. If you intend to recite a prayer or combined spell that precedes the sacrament within 7 days, you should:

  • Attend church daily;
  • Repent of sins, present and future;
  • Put candles for the health of loved ones and enemies;
  • Stick to the cleansing post.

If you intend to conduct a pagan rite to fulfill desires, it is enough to visit nature reserves, forests, reservoirs and other sources of power.

The general preparatory processes before the ritual and the reading of a spell on wish fulfillment include:

  • Psychological training. At the time of reading the spell, you should be in a good mood, filled with optimism and faith in the best. To do this, meditate for half an hour before the beginning of the sacrament, turn on pleasant music, take a relaxing bath;
  • Preparing a place to read a spell. A spell to cast a spell on water should be conducted in a dark room with good ventilation. At the same time, it should be ensured that this room does not have a bad history - the place of committing suicides and murders is not suitable for white rites. Also endowed with negative energy are houses located next to cemeteries, hospitals and nursing homes;
  • Preparation of the necessary items for the ritual.Prepare in advance holy water (if the plot is prayer or a combination) or spring water (for the pagan rite), 3 candles (temple or simple respectively) and a white towel.

After preparation, you can immediately begin reading the spell to fulfill the desire to water.

Spell text

Below are 3 variants of the spell to fulfill the desire for water:

  • Prayer - at midnight, light the candles, dial in a glass of holy water. Read any strong prayer, "Our Father" is recommended. Then stand facing the moon and say the following: "Virgin Mary wandered across the sky, spilled water on the ground. Water-water, let my wish come true! In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!" Drink 3 sips from a glass with conspired holy water, wash it with remnants of the morning, having crossed three times;
  • Combined - light candles, pour water into a deep dish. You can use both holy and spring water. Read the spell: "God of water told the secret of life. Pure water, you know everything, and you know how to change my destiny. Give me the power of life-giving my desire to fulfill! Amen! Amen! Amen!" Further actions are the same as in the case of a prayer conspiracy;
  • Pagan- in the evening twilight pour spring water into a jug, saying: "Mother Danushka, Pereplut-Batyushka! I cry to you - hear me! Give me strength to cool water, water to the key! How it feeds the roots of plants - so let my life imbue it! Thank you!" Bow to the belt and make 7 small sips from the jugged one. Then pour all the indoor plants out of the same tank.

Attention! All spells for quick wish fulfillment are read into the growing moon phase.


To make a wish come true, it’s enough just 1 time to properly perform the ritual. In this case, the desired will be done 3 weeks after the sacrament.

However, the spell may not work if you:

  • Were sick at the time of reading the plot;
  • Do not believe in your own strength or are afraid of something;
  • Wrong place to perform the sacrament;
  • Not baptized, but used a Christian prayer spell on the water;
  • Read the plot in the wrong moon phase;
  • Be under the negative influence of the black sorcerer. You should not worry, even if so, there are quite a few strong white rites that allow you to get rid of any slander.

If the wish-fulfillment spell did not work, you can re-read it in the next phase of the new moon — that is, one month after the unsuccessful ceremony.

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