Conspiracy from wen

Wen or lipoma is a benign subcutaneous neoplasm from overgrown adipose tissue. However, growing, this tumor causes cosmetic and physical discomfort, especially if it is located on the face or head. Most often, wen are subjected to surgical excision, and in ancient times they were treated by evaporation in a bath and healing herbs.

But are there conspiracies against Wen? How can a neoplasm speak? What effects to expect after performing the ritual?
Answers to the presented questions can be found in our article.

Can I talk wen?

Wen, like any other ailment, you can talk in the process of rites of black and white magic. Black sacraments rely on the assistance of the low forces of the universe, and therefore can harm both the participants of the ceremony and strangers - after all, dark forces require sacrifice. Therefore, to apply them from the growth of wen is not strongly recommended.

In turn, in practical white magic there is such a thing as healing plots. These spells are aimed at improving the well-being of the patient, preventing diseases and treating the body and spirit at the energy level. Healing plots are not directed against sentient beings, as the spellcaster turns to Light Forces and directly to God. Therefore, in order to speak wen, it is recommended to use only white plots.

What are the conspiracies from the wen?

Healing plots from wen are divided into the following categories:

  • Pagan- represent ancient tunes and spells that came from pre-Christian times. Before proceeding to the ceremony, you should recharge the energy of the sun, wind and water. To do this, spend time more often in open water and in the forest;
  • Prayer - conspiracies from wen on the basis of Orthodox prayers. They preserve the prayer texture and are directed to the Higher Subtle Spheres. It is important to consider that only a baptized person in Christ can read a prayer conspiracy from a wen on himself or another person. Reading requires thorough preparation: weekly fasting, daily prayers in the temple, and repentance;
  • Combined - conspiracies composed by modern sorcerers and healers, combining elements of prayer and pagan.

The greatest effect of any spell on a lipoma can be achieved if the caster reads it on himself.
Important! Absolutely all rituals to remove lipomas are performed in the phase of a waning moon. Let's talk more about the most powerful conspiracies.

The plot on the thread

This rite to remove the wen belongs to the combined ordinances. The spell is created and the supposedly hereditary Siberian healers. For it you will need a piece of blue thread from natural wool and matches. On the night of the waning moon, you must retire in a well-ventilated and darkened room and lock yourself from the inside. While reading the magic words, 9 knots per thread are tied over each wen. Plot text:

"Terrible scream - shoo, shoo!
Softness - shish, shish!
I throw a noose - I remove a growth!
Sin in the darkness! Burn in the fire!
Get behind Nav,
Leave the servant of God [your name]!
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen! "

After reading the thread is burned. The rite should be repeated 2 more nights in a row. After that, the wen will gradually begin to dry out.

Lipoma plot and Indian onion tincture

Pagan conspiracies from the wen are excellent in conjunction with traditional medicine. In particular, the spell energy enhances the healing properties of the drug. One of the most effective means is the tincture of Indian onions.

First of all, you need to prepare the drug:

  • Grind the root and green parts of the plant in a meat grinder;
  • Place the minced meat in a liter jar;
  • Fill the tank with water to the top;
  • Cover the jar with a lid;
  • Store 2 weeks in a dark, dry and cool place.

The resulting drug must be lubricated Wen counterclockwise. This action is held at night with the waning moon, saying:

"I am smearing the body white,
I say bold words:
"Sick - Sgin!
Wen - melt!
How do you teach the onion spirit?
So with my white body growth and come down!
Let it be so!"

After that, the caster goes to sleep. You need to wake up at dawn, take a cold shower. As soon as the water touches the wen, the words are pronounced:

"As the water washes away the smell of the bow and the night,

So she washes away the sickness from my skin!
Closed on a thousand keys, -

Yes, a thousand doors

Yes forever and ever! "

Wen will begin to dissolve the day after the ceremony.

Silver lipoma plot

About the healing properties of silver has been known since ancient times. This noble metal is the most energy-friendly, making the conspiracies to use it become unusually strong. The most effective silver spell is a prayer text readable on a silver cross:

"In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Christ on earth kazhival,
Grace gave,
Hurley zuril.
He applied his fingers -
The raids dried up.
As the fingers of Christ are pure,
So silver is pure metal!
Cross to the body I will attach -
Wen disappear!
Amen! Amen! Amen!"

This conspiracy from the Wen is necessary to read in a low voice, but in an even and confident tone, pressing the cross to the lipoma. After some time, the tumor will soften and begin to dissolve.

The consequences of the conspiracy wen

White conspiracies are not aimed at causing harm, so the terrible consequences after reading such a spell should not wait. If everything was done correctly, the growth will soon begin to dissolve and, as a result, will disappear completely. However, as a remedy for lipoma, conspiracy may not work. The reasons for this failure:

  • Negative energy of the place in which the rite was performed. For example, there is a cemetery or hospital nearby;
  • The uncertainty of the reader in their mental and esoteric abilities. Any spell is read in a complacent mood, with full confidence in a successful outcome;
  • A stronger blocking spell is imposed on the astral forces;
  • The text of the plot was pronounced with errors, or the reader stumbled.

After completing the ceremony should wait a week. If after 7 days the lipoma does not begin to dissolve, then the plot did not work. In this case, you should consult a doctor for surgical excision of the tumor. Currently also popular laser method for the removal of Wen. However, the surgical method, in case of failure with the reading of the spell, remains the most effective.

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