How to tie a crochet swimsuit - knit pattern and photo of a swimsuit

Summer is over, but this does not mean that you can forget about the rest, the sea, the sun and swimsuits! Today we offer you to remember how to knit beautiful models of swimwear crochet for the beach with a detailed description. In our master classes there are many schemes for beginners, various video tutorials.

Let's connect a great addition to your summer wardrobe - a summer, beautiful, beach set!

Crochet swimsuit diagram and description

Fused, trikini, separate - how many options, how to choose the right one? Do not look for the right, look for suitable for you! You should look good in it, a good swimsuit should hide what you need to hide, it should be original and unique, like you!

Knit separate crochet swimsuit with a scheme knitting in contrasting colors and decorated with flowers. Ready-made underpants can not be decorated with a flower, just skip this item description. We offer to use two colors (one is black, the other is white, or red with white, black with gold): 50 grams white colors and 200 - black (cotton 100%). If you want to wear a pareo swimsuit with this - do not choose it too dark. You will also need beige viscose yarn, a hook, a string for tying, a thread. We recommend to knit the main pattern of the future product in two threads. Future product size: 36/38.

  1. Top part: two cups are required, for each of which a chain of 24 VP is needed. + 1 V.P. for lifting. Knit a column without nakida. At the end of 3 p. Skip 1 p. (Until only 2 p. Remain), continue until the end. Tie a thing around the perimeter with another color: in each 2 P. - 3 S.B.N.
  2. How to put the cups together? They should be sewn together using a crocheted flower. Thread for him to take beige, fold in half: 2 V.P. in circle ss, continue on the pattern.
  3. When the first two steps will be completed, care should be taken about the bodice strings. Measure out the length of cord you have prepared. And you will need to stretch through all angles.
  4. Underpants starting from the front: 29 V.P. + 1 V.P. for lifting. Just like the top, we knit SBBN, and from 3 R. - we leave at the end of R. 10 * 1 P. At 9 P. we knit straight 16 R.
  5. In order to the back part turned out to be comfortable and beautiful - add at the end of each P. 18 * 1 P. Continue until the canvas is 44 cm in height. For giving completeness again use a thread of contrasting shade for strapping around the perimeter. Cord again to make a tie, on the sides - sew flowers.

If you are going to knit products for more complete ladies, try on a swimsuit as you work.

Council !!!! For obese women is more suitable for a continuous option: it is well hides all the flaws in the figure.

How to crochet a swimsuit?

We figured out how to crochet a bodice for a swimsuit, what yarn is suitable for such a swimsuit. Now let's try a more complex pattern in our next micron. In this case - knitting panties we will not. We just make a beautiful belt for ready-made swimming trunks. Next, we describe in detail the entire knitting process. And now, let's see which pattern to choose and how to do it correctly. Gray thread (we have this color, you can change it to the one you like) do "air" picture:

  • 1 R .: 3 V.P. lifting, 2 P. - skipping, in 3 P. = "shell" (7 SSSN, skip 2 P., 1 S.BN) = until the end of R.
  • 2 R .: in the back wall of P. S. B.N.
  • 3 R. = 1 R., but in a staggered manner.
  • 2, 3 P. repeat.

Do two bra cups. For each set of a chain of 37 V.P., 2 R.S.B.N. The next 18 P. direct mating. in each new R, we begin decreasing 1 "seashells". Must remain on the hook just 1 piece. Fasten the finished thing around the edge of S. B.N.. Ties to make s.BN of 2 loops for the distance you need.

Now we proceed to belt: 12 V.P., S.B.N. to the desired length. Decorate it with a flower: an openwork flower requires 10 VP in ring ss

  1. 12 S.B.N.
  2. S.B.N., 3 V.P. = until the end
  3. S.B.N., 3 V.P., S.T. - continue
  4. Over 3 V.P. - S.B.N., above 4 V.P. - S.C.N., 3 V.P., 4 S.S.N.

Crochet a swimsuit with a detailed description.

For the next master class for beginners, take the yarn of the same color. It consists of a bodice and panties - bikini - a great option for the hot season. This copy is very suitable for ladies with big breasts - here you can simply adjust the size, binding allows you to do it. Best of all, if you do already on the finished swimsuit, as if checking, or draw a pattern.

The left and right sides of the bodice are knitted symmetrically.. Product size: 36/38. We knit them in C / X 1 (6 VP). To assemble the bodice use a plastic or metal ring.which you need to tie in a circle and connect with cups. To make beautiful and comfortable ties - use C / X 2.

Next, do Popular bikinis: front part 18 V.P. + 3 V.P. lifting, on С / Х 3 direct and inverse R. on 31 R. Rear The side of the product begins with attaching the thread from the back of the chain. We continue on C / X 3 as well: direct and inverse R. for 36 R. Build a swimsuit: tie a product around the perimeter.

How to crochet a swimsuit for beginners: video

Crochet swimsuit - the best video tutorials and video master classes:


Master class crochet swimsuit

This crochet swimsuit in m for beginnersIt’s easy to knit in a few hours, so change colors and experiment. We chose beautiful pink color for him - 150 grams. Bodice crochet according to the scheme 1. To make bottom edge more original - tie him with SBB 3 R. Using С / Х 2 - to tie around the edges. In a similar way to make a second cup.

Bikini again fit in two rounds: at first the backpart. 15 V.P., 4 R.S.B.N. After that, add 3 R. each. 2 times 1 P., each 2 R. 16 times * P. After that, each R. 22 * ​​1 P. 4 the following R. directly, close according to scheme 2.
Frontpart: raise the loops of the main chain and make 10 straight lines R. in each 3 R. 9 times 1 P., in each 2 R. 7 times 1 P. and then 18 * 1 P. The edge is also decorated according to the second scheme. The cups of the future bra to connect with the ring (tie S.BN), add straps.

Crochet beach tunic scheme and description

For the warm season you can take on a holiday not only a swimsuit, but also a pareo, a cape or a tunic. It can be worn not only on the swimsuit itself, but also worn instead of jackets or shirts in the evening. The length can be adjusted, you can make a thing out of motives, knit a relief pattern. It will take a lot of yarn, about 500 g.

The main pattern:

  • V.P. multiple 6 + 3 and under the scheme 1.
  • To tie1 time from 1 to 3 R., 5 times 2 and 3 R., p times 4 and 5 R., repeat 6-7 R.
  • For lace - P. number is a multiple of 27. Circular R. for C / X 2 = repeat 1 time from 1 to 9 К.Р.

For backrest dial 93 V.P. + 3 V.P. = 14 rapports + ½ rapport on each side, not forgetting the initial and final loops. When 52 centimeters will be ready - skip 1 rapport on each side for armholes. Finish by 4 cm on 10 rapports. Beforeto do the same, but at a height of 4 cm to leave room for the head - 8 rapports. At both sides to tie another 32 cm. to assemble the product - use the side seams, straps and lace.

Children's crochet swimsuit with description: video lessons

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